How To Get A Working PayPal Money Adder 2021 Software [Full Guide]

Updated: Sep 9

Discover our PayPal Money Adder 2021 Alternative

How To Add PayPal Money

Are you looking for PayPal Money Adder software? Then you're in the right place. We'll see how to get money and transfer it to PayPal. No human verification or download is required and 100% freely. You will know everything to be able to get PayPal money directly. But before I need to set a disclaimer.

Most of the PayPal Money Adder software you see online is fake. Those are either straight scams or a malware trap. But that does not mean that it is impossible to add money to your PayPal; on the contrary, it is possible and even for free. By taking advantage of some tips & tricks, you will know how to add amounts that seem huge to you in just a few minutes of your time.

Why is it a great idea?

Because PayPal is the leader in online payments, it allows buyers and sellers to send and receive payments online instantly. PayPal has over 100 million accounts in 202 countries and regions worldwide. It is the most accepted payment method online.

Adding money to your PayPal account will allow you to collect passive income and spend it as you like. No need to use your bank or credit card to make purchases online.

But let's see further why; here is some reason:

  • It's easy to use

  • It's fast, like blazing fast (transfer or send money in two clicks)

  • You can create multiple PayPal Account without restriction.

  • Withdraw your cash to your bank or card directly

PayPal Website

Is PayPal Money Adder Still Working in 2021?

As I told you before, the magic software that is presented to you online is, in fact, a big scam. No software allows you to add money magically, like that, to your account. Or it's a hack software that is illegal. What we are going to do here is exploit the potential of tools available online to extract PayPal money without having to spend our own money. How are you going to tell me? Thanks to Bitcoin mining (that we will quickly see together below). It can make much money legally, only with a little time and goodwill.

So are you ready? Let's go.

How to Add Free PayPal Money in 5 Steps:

  1. Create a PayPal Account. (Scroll To)

  2. Create an ICM Account. (Scroll To)

  3. Unlock your Free Trial & Contract. (Scroll To)

  4. Configure Your ICM App & Start Earning Money. (Scroll To)

  5. Withdraw your Money To PayPal. (Scroll To)

Step 1 - Create a PayPal Account (Skip)

To start quickly, we are going to create a PayPal account together. If you already have one, you can skip this step, but we advise you to create a separate one. In this way, we will have a blank account on which we can work; this will help us with transactions, while protecting your privacy.

Opening the PayPal account

To open an account, click here, choose Personal Account.

How To Open A PayPal Account

Then, add a phone number (if you have no phone number, you can use TextVerified to verify your accounts).

How To Add a Phone Number to your PayPal Account

Finally, fill in your account information with real data (don't type nonsense information PayPal will block your account). You can use the Real Address Generator to protect your privacy.

Now confirm your email, and you're ready to go! You have a new, safe PayPal account where you can add money and transfer it quickly.

Step 2 - Create an ICM Account (Skip)

What is

InstantCloudMining is a mining platform. This means that you can earn income from our mining infrastructure. We offer a free alternative as well as paid products. This is our business model. You can store your crypto in the world's first AES 256 encrypted wallet (see what's AES 256). You will not find any similar site with our functionality.

InstantCloudMining Website

Why should you use InstantCloudMining?

Because of our exclusive ICM Application. The ICM App is a web application designed to offer a clear view of everything you need to have while having the most features on the market. It is the most advanced and yet most comfortable Bitcoin and Ethereum mining on the market. With six built-in withdrawal payment methods, including PayPal. InstantCloudMining underlines the uncomplicated aspect of the use of the application. It is also running on all your devices, from your phone to your desktop pc.


Opening the ICM Account

To open an InstantCloudMining Account complete:

  • Fill in your primary email.

  • Choose a secure password.

  • Fill in your real First & Last Name.

  • Complete the Captcha

  • Click On Create Account

How to Create An ICM Account

Now go to your email and confirm your account by clicking on the link. You're ready to go! You can now use your ICM Account.

Once ready, you'll get redirected to the ICM App.

The ICM App is a web application designed to offer a clear view of everything you need to have while having the most features on the market. It is the most advanced and yet most uncomplicated Bitcoin and Ethereum mining on the market. With 6 built-in withdrawal payment methods including PayPal. InstantCloudMining underlines the uncomplicated aspect of the use of the application. It is also running on all your devices, from your phone to your desktop pc.

You arrive at the Dashboard. The main tab of the ICM App shows you a summary of your account. Including your Account Details, Mining Contract, Balance, Recent activity and much more. You can also upgrade your account immediately by clicking on a button and the contextual menu to act directly from the Dashboard.

What is Bitcoin & Cloud Mining?

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that does not require a central bank or a single administrator and can be sent from one user to another on a peer-to-peer bitcoin network without intermediaries. (If you want to learn more about bitcoin see

Network nodes verify transactions through encryption and record them in a public distributed ledger called a blockchain.

Bitcoin was created as a reward for a process called mining. They can be exchanged for other currencies, products, and services, as well as money.

(Source: Wikipedia)

No Download or Apk

With InstantCloudMining, you won't have to do any downloads. No file is required on your machine—no suspicious software or APKs to "steal" your computing power. Here, everything is operated via the Cloud. Most sites that offer free mining ask you to download a suspicious file or software. By pretending to mine bitcoin, they are using your processor to their end. In the end, you will consume energy/battery for nothing because they will keep your profits to themselves.

We have an infrastructure with sufficient computing power to provide cloud service. This way, you will be able to connect and use our application from anywhere in the world and from any device. We have a farm located in Iceland with the latest generation AMD graphics cards. We pay for electricity and taxes at low prices. Thanks to this, you will benefit from mining performance as well as optimal costs.

Step 3 - Unlock your Free Trial & Contract

Now how to start using the application for free without having to buy anything. First, you need to navigate to the Rewards tab of your app. Check to have verified your email; it may be that the email is in your email box's Spam folder. If the email confirmation contains an error, you can always type a secondary email on the verification link. If it still doesn't work, contact us for personalized support.

How to go to Rewards tab of the ICM App

What the Rewards tab of the ICM App offers you:

  • 7 Days Free Trial (try ICM App for seven consecutive days)

  • 100% Free Lifetime ICM Contract (this will let you earn bitcoin thanks to the hash rate & algorithm offered by the contract)

  • Unlock ICM Wallet & Withdrawals (which is required to transfer your money to PayPal or any other payment method)

  • 10% Discount on ALL Paid Contract

  • Fully Fledge Affiliate Program (earn money and more by referring people to the app)

With the Rewards functionality of our application, you will get a full contract, fully free of charge, for the duration of one year. You will unlock all of these benefits. You can even use the funds obtained to buy a more expensive contract. And therefore reinvest your funds received for free to develop your fortune.

When you reach Level 2, you will get a 10% discount on an ICM contract. Note that if you take advantage of this offer, you will not have to complete the Tasks. You will benefit from the funds generated by your ICM Starter Contract and your additional ICM contract. You can combine both in a single account.

Once level 3 has been reached, you will then be able to withdraw your funds for free without prior purchase. You can consequently purchase a contract through our store to increase your daily rates. Well done, you have reached the full potential of InstantCloudMining.

Step 4 - Configure your ICM App Application

Live Demo

Here is a live demonstration from our press officer. You will see how the software works once a contract is purchased or obtained through the Rewards Tab. In just under a few minutes, note that free contracts work the same way. Of course, you will have to unblock withdrawals before you can make a transfer.

As you can see, it is straightforward to withdraw your funds through the app. There are more than six payment methods available to obtain a withdrawal. The fees are mostly meager. If you have a higher contract, the costs will be more inexpensive. So if you have the Ultimate contract, the fees will be 0% and vice versa.

Even if you don't see it in depth in this video, it is possible to automate your account without knowledge in the domain. We have made the functionality as simple as possible. In a few clicks, you can order the application, for example: to pay you an income every week or month. You can also ask to sell your crypto automatically if the market drops are too significant. Of course, there are still simplified examples, but if combined, the possibilities are endless.

To see all the exclusive features click here.

Step 5 - Withdraw your money to PayPal

how to withdraw money to paypal

To withdraw your funds, you need to click on Withdraw; then click on PayPal. You solely have to put your email, choose the currency, and finally, the amount. We recommend having a verified PayPal account to avoid complications. Not because our PayPal account is questionable, but quite simply because PayPal tends to block accounts when it sees a large amount all at once. This way, you will not lose your funds, and you will avoid problems.

From there you can do whatever you want with the money. Pay it into your bank account or buy it online. Note that we provide documents for your local taxes. To request it, you must submit a ticket using the contact form.

Now you know how to add money to your PayPal account entirely legally and quickly. Without having to install weird apps or pay people who don't provide anything.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it really work?

There is no such thing as PayPal money adder software, but we provide a service that does what it should do.

Here are the few reasons why you should trust us;

🔷We are specialized in cryptocurrency and we have real knowledge of it. Crypto mining is actual; thousands of people are making a good income from it. Forget the complications. We have done the simplification work for you. So why not you?

🔷 We are a real developer team, and we have a verifying business. If you want to prove of our know-how, you have to test our online application (click here). Have you seen one like this?

🔷 We have a verified business, ICM Corp is a registered company in the UK.

📅How long does it take for me to receive my first payment?

It depends if you want to follow the free version that I listed above. There are two possibilities at your disposal.

🔷 The free way: It depends on you and your progress in your tasks. It should take for the fastest of you a week to unlock the first level. BEWARE OF SPAM. We check every step manually. It won't do you any right to spam because we will detect it directly and penalize it.

🔷 The instant way; This is the fastest and easiest method. You will receive your first payments tomorrow if you buy now. Your account will be activated now, and you will start mining bitcoin. So be ready to receive PayPal money from tomorrow!

1️⃣ How to increase my profits?

If you want to stay free, the answer is simple; affiliate program. Thanks to this program, you will be able to earn large commissions exponentially. You will even be able to live exclusively from it.