Buying Bitcoin with PayPal: A Beginner's Guide

Bitcoin is a multi-purpose crypto-currency that can now be used in stores as well as online. It can now be purchased with a credit card, wire transfer, or PayPal. It used to be difficult to buy Bitcoin with PayPal, but now it's simple. This guide will show you how to buy Bitcoin with PayPal and which Bitcoin brokers are the best to use. You can find a video tutorial on YouTube.

Which platforms to buy Bitcoins with PayPal in 2021?

Several platforms accept the purchase of Bitcoins via PayPal. We will focus on the best platform to invest in 2021. They are the following:

  • Coinbase: Best platform to buy bitcoin via PayPal for beginners

  • Local Bitcoins: Broker to buy Bitcoin via PayPal between individuals

  • Paxful: Broker for selling BTC peer to peer

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Buying Bitcoin on Coinbase with PayPal


Coinbase, which was founded in 2012, has risen to the top of the closed circle of exchanges that sell Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. The American exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange with a presence in over 100 countries. Coinbase is currently used by 30 million people around the world.

This trading platform also provides a variety of cryptocurrency-related goods. We come across services like Coinbase Earn, Coinbase Pro, Coinbase Custody, Coinbase Commerce, and so on.

Fees: Each time you withdraw money from Coinbase to PayPal, you'll be charged a fee.

Regulations: DFS (New York Financial Services Regulatory Authority), FCA (UK Regulatory Authority), SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)...


  • Beginners will love it.

  • Exchange platform that is dependable

  • The interface is simple to use.

  • Various payment options are available.

  • Accessibility in more than a hundred countries

  • Disadvantages


  • There are only 12 crypto-currencies that are currently available.

Buying Bitcoin on LocalBitcoins with PayPal


LocalBitcoins is a broker that enables the sale and purchase of Bitcoin between people. It was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Finland. This site has a good reputation among investors who want to buy Bitcoin tokens from sellers using PayPal. The price at which sellers sell Bitcoins is entirely up to them.

Fees: Using LocalBitcoins to register, sell, and buy BTC through PayPal is completely free.

Regulations: FSA is in charge of regulation (Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority)


  • There is no limit to how many Bitcoins you may purchase or sell.

  • Escrow service that is simple to utilize

  • In certain countries, BTC is the only way to pay.


  • It is not advised for inexperienced traders.

  • Does not rule out the possibility of certain people defrauding you.

  • Margin and pricing differences between vendors

Buying Bitcoin on Paxful with PayPal


Paxful is a cryptocurrency exchange that connects you with local Bitcoin merchants. To purchase Bitcoin, the business accepts a number of payment options, including PayPal. The business employs more than 200 employees in four locations across the globe. Its services are aimed mostly towards those who are financially disadvantaged. It's easy to see why Paxful is popular in unstable and underdeveloped nations.

Fees: Paxful does not charge any fees when buying BTC using PayPal.

Regulations; Company that is not regulated


  • There are over 300 payment options available.

  • When you purchase, there are no costs.

  • Responsive Customer Service

  • Ability to purchase at the price you want


  • Differences in prices between vendors

  • Purchase restrictions

What are the Benefits of Buying Bitcoin using PayPal?

PayPal clients get a lot of benefits when they pay for BTC with it. As a result, it is acceptable to display them.

PayPal is a safe and secure payment method.

For remote purchases, PayPal employs stringent security measures. As a result, the method reduces the danger of fraud.

Furthermore, when an order is not controlled, a refund is possible under specific circumstances. To protect oneself against frauds, the seller may safeguard the transaction via this trustworthy third party.

The platform's notoriety

PayPal is regarded as one of the most efficient methods for purchasing Bitcoin. For example, the business handles currency conversion for you based on your location.

It's also regarded as one of the most secure and accessible online e-wallets for acquiring new cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin.


More than one PayPal customer appreciates the service's speed and simplicity, particularly because it is totally free.

Furthermore, there is no longer any need to re-enter financial details while making transactions. This unquestionably enhances the user experience.

All-inclusive accessibility

PayPal is available in over 200 countries. The firm collaborates with millions of business partners. Globally, there are approximately 267 million users.

Process of payment is quick and easy.

PayPal does not need a bank account to conduct payments. Paying with PayPal is simple using the One Touch function. Without having to log in again, depositing money into your Bitcoin trading account becomes simple.

The relationship between Bitcoin and PayPal

PayPal and Bitcoin

In the beginning, PayPal was not a big fan of crypto-currencies, particularly because of the danger of fraud they posed. However, since more cryptocurrency trading sites have begun to accept it as a payment option, this has altered.

For example, Bitcoin tokens may now be purchased using PayPal. This digital money functions similarly to fiat cash. As a result, your tokens cannot be recovered in the event of a faulty transaction, theft, or loss of your wallet.

PayPal gets many complaints from its users owing to loss, fraud, or theft as a financial business. It's easy to see why many were hesitant to buy Bitcoin using PayPal at first. PayPal, on the other hand, has altered its position and is now accepted as a payment option on certain trading sites.

Conclusion: What is the Best Way to Buy Bitcoin Using PayPal?

To summarize, PayPal seems to be a straightforward and safe method of purchasing Bitcoin. You just need an account and to register with an internet broker that accepts this payment option.

Coinbase is one of the sites you may use to get started if you want to take advantage of the volatility of BTC prices while also using your PayPal account. This is a licensed broker with a trading platform that makes it simple to invest in Bitcoin using PayPal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other options are available for purchasing Bitcoins?

Bitcoin may be purchased using a variety of payment methods other than PayPal, according to the brokers. Credit cards, prepaid cards, SEPA transfers, and money orders are all examples.

Is it possible to purchase Bitcoin directly using PayPal instead of through an online broker?

No, buying Bitcoins without using an internet broker is not feasible. Coinbase is an excellent choice for this, and you can pay using PayPal.

Is it possible to sell Bitcoins using PayPal?

Yes, PayPal is a fantastic method to do a variety of transactions. This payment method may be used to purchase or sell Bitcoins.

Is there a cost to purchasing Bitcoins using PayPal?

When purchasing Bitcoins using PayPal, most brokers do not charge any fees. This is particularly true of the eToro broker.

Is it necessary for my PayPal account to be validated in order to make Bitcoin purchases?

It varies; some trading sites allow you to buy cryptocurrency without having to verify your identity. You must deposit money into your PayPal account from a source associated with your identification.

Is it safe to purchase Bitcoins using PayPal?

With this payment option, the danger of fraud is reduced. Peer-to-peer commerce systems have a higher risk of fraud.