Best Graphics Cards Hashrate for Mining Cryptocurrencies

This article contains a table that summarizes the various hashrates of the top graphics cards for mining lucrative crypto-currencies.

Remember that the graphics card is a critical component of your mining setup, and that its performance (hashrate) is directly proportional to your success in mining crypto-currencies.

In reality, the hashrate of each graphics card may be readily determined in order to mine the most lucrative crypto-currencies and, in my view, the most promising.

There are many different types of graphics cards for mining, and depending on your budget, you may buy a graphics card that is more or less successful at mining crypto-currencies.

This table will enable you to do a synthetic comparison based on hashrate, consumption, and price to assist you in selecting a graphics card for successful crypto-currency mining.

The following are the factors to consider while selecting a graphics card model:


The hashrate refers to the mining capability of a graphics card, and therefore the amount of hashes it generates per second in order to solve a block on a crypto-blockchain. Obviously, the miner will be paid for their efforts if the card produces more hashes.

Watt consumption

It is widely known that your graphic card consumes energy in order to operate; clearly, the more powerful the card is, the more electricity it consumes. Because the aim is to offset the energy expenses produced by mining with the revenue generated by the graphics card, this is an important criteria in the assessment of profitability.

The amount of RAM memory

Another factor to consider is the quantity of RAM memory available on a graphics card. To mine certain crypto-currencies, such as ethereum, you'll need more than 2 GB of RAM (currently, you'll need a graphics card with at least 3 GB of RAM to mine ethereum). Other crypto-currencies, such as Zcash and Monero, may be mined with a graphics card of at least 2GB.

You may read about the graphics cards that will enable you to mine lucrative crypto-currencies in the table below now that you know the necessary criteria:





Ram Memory

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 G1 Gaming 8G Graphics Card

34 MH/s

900 H/s

8 Gb

AMD Rx 580 graphics card

20 MH/s

600 H/s

8 Gb

AMD R9 390 graphics card

30 MH/s

8 Gb

AMD Rx 480 graphics card

20 MH/s

670 H/s

4 Gb

AMD Rx 480 graphics card

20 MH/s

630 H/s

4 Gb

Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card

19 MH/s

600 H/s

6 Gb

AMD Rx 570 graphics card

400 H/s

4 Gb

AMD Rx 560 graphics card

11 MH/s

240 H/S

4 Gb