5 Metaverse Projects You Should Invest In 2022!

Invest in 5 metaverse project in 2022

The wind may be in the sails of several sub-branches of digital currencies in 2022. NFTs may be preferred by some, but metaverse projects are even more lauded by others. Check out 5 Metaverse projects that could explode in 2022!

2022 will be remembered as the year of metaverse projects. Let's get to our selection of projects you don't want to miss! Among its projects are mature ones and new ones that could explode in the near future.

1 – Winkyverse (WNK)

Winkyverse (WNK)

Winkyverse, a blockchain-based project , places learning at the core of its protocol. The ecosystem offers a fun way to learn about robotics, artificial intelligence or programming by employing a robot (Winkybot).

WeNK tokens were listed yesterday on decentralized exchanges like Pancakeswap and UnizedExchange. Following an upward trend above $0.04, the unit price has fallen below $0.02. However, as with the introduction of a project like Pokmi and its PKN token, the next few days may be favorable for WNK. It would be even more plausible if the crypto market sent new bullish signals.

Although the project is relatively young, it appears to have promising long-term prospects. As an engineering team, the members of the project's team have a distinguished background. In addition, during the different ICO phases, the project has been particularly appreciated by the community. After 24 hours, Winkyverse raised over 10 million dollars in the third and final round. With three rounds of fundraising, the team raised more than 20 million dollars , beating the largest fundraising of a crypto project in 2021.

Token unit price: $0.01898

Marketcap: $19 million

2 – Decentraland (MANA)

 Decentraland (MANA)

The flagship project is the best place to invest when you want to invest in a sector. In terms of market capitalization, Decentraland is the most important project in the metaverse. Decentraland provides a virtual world where your avatar can be evolved much like many other meta projects.

Players were attracted by the possibility of buying accessories to outfit their avatars. NFT avatars are available and can be sold on an online marketplace. In addition, Decentraland offers parcels of land that can be bought and sold according to your preferences. In the opinion of many observers, 2022 could be the year when virtual real estate develops. Still not convinced? Tokens.com recently purchased 116 plots of land in the Decentraland metaverse. It paid almost three million dollars for these plots. The MANA token's unit price jumped sharply as a result of this news. There is still time for these initiatives to grow in 2022.

Token unit price: $3.21

Marketcap: $5.85 billion

3 – Bloktopia (BLOK)

Bloktopia (BLOK)

Virtual reality headsets and the metaverse are combined in the Bloktopia project. Throughout the universe, players can evolve in a futuristic setting and play or exchange with people from around the world. As part of this project, we hope to create a virtual world in which every avatar is able to perform a maximum number of tasks (play sports, create game scenarios, etc.).

Facebook announced its name change to "Meta" at the end of last October, causing many metaverse projects to explode. The token reached an all-time high of $0.18 at the time of writing. There are only 4% of the total supply on the market as of the date of writing. Due to inflation on the token, it is advisable to invest cautiously in the Bloktopia project.

Token unit price: $0.5102

Marketcap: 425 million dollars

4 – Verasity (VRA)

Verasity (VRA)

The Verasity project is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Video entertainment and e-sports are at the core of the project. Content creators, players, influencers, and brands are able to form a link with this solution. Veracity actually pays users for following content. Despite not directly proposing its metaverse, the project could greatly benefit from the interest in this area. After Facebook's announcement, Verasity has become very popular, as many metaverse projects have.

Over ten billion tokens will be released by the VRA protocol. At present, 43% of the tokens are in circulation. This project is also susceptible to inflationary risks, although they are less severe than the risks associated with Bloktopia (BLOK).

Token unit price: $0.3236

Marketcap: $144 million

5 – OVR (OVR)


Users can also evolve in the OVR project's metaverse. Similarly to Decentraland, it is possible to create a customized avatar and to rent or sell land. OVR offers advertisers the opportunity to advertise their brands in the metaverse, like Bloktopia. Brands could follow this niche on projects that offer the best user experiences. OVR seems to be more interested in establishing a realistic and less futuristic metaverse than others.

In comparison to other projects like Decentraland, the marketcap of the project is still relatively low. In addition, unlike many metaverse projects, OVR has already recovered from the sharp correction that struck the sector last November. In addition, OVR offers the option to stake tokens for long-term holders.

Token price per unit: $2.43

Marketcap: $42 million

However, while the metaverse sector is likely to gain influence on the crypto market in 2022, the competition is also expected to intensify.