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We believe that trust is crucial in today's web world.

How Trustpilot collect reviews?​

1/ Our customer purchases a plan.

2/ He gets activated and triggers an automatic Trustpilot email invitation.

3/ After a day, he receives the invitation email and can post a verified review.

Our commitment

We make certain that none of the reviews have been deleted or falsified. We needed to be sure that it accurately represents the consumer experience. Any truthful review can never be deleted or reported. We want to highlight our consumer satisfaction while still demonstrating that we care about bad experiences. Those negative feedback would help us improve our platform.

Why using Trustpilot?

We use Trustpilot since it is the most reliable online review site. As an enterprise or a consumer, they have equal services. We are using their app to send out automatic invitations and monitor the responses. The customer gains access to a reliable review platform where he can share his thoughts on a company. Both would contribute to a better experience for all. We learn from those genuine experiences.

Genuine Reviews Example in Image

We've collected your Trustpilot reviews in a colored fashion. By clicking on the thumbnail, you can read these reviews directly from Trustpilot website. 

Want to have your review appear below?

1/ Purchase a contract or claim your Rewards

2/ You will receive an invitation 7 days after account activation.

3/ Share your honest thoughts. We'll maybe pick it to be displayed (no matter if it's good or not, we'll first do the best we can to solve any bad review to make it a good one).

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