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ICM Bitcoin Mining Software

The most powerful Bitcoin Cloud Mining Software

Discover the most advanced web software in cloud mining—no need to use multiple applications. Everything is grouped together in ICM App. Start mining Bitcoin & Ethereum in 2 clicks and completely free of charge.


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A Foolproof Interface

Crazy simplicity

Whatever your device, our application has been carefully optimized to work with anything (literally anything, even your smartTV). So you can take advantage of your ICM™ App whenever and wherever you want.

Our app has been designed in such a way that a beginner can use and configure it effortlessly. The controls are simple; the application has been shrunk to make it clearer and quicker to use.  No need more trying to understand complicated interfaces anymore.

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Packed full of features


Ease of use

Our interface has been designed to make use as easy and fast as possible. Not to mention the help hub, which answers all your question without even contacting us.

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In-house Mining Algorithm

Our team has developed for 3 years an algorithm specially designed for our mining infrastructure. This makes our bitcoin mining platform able to provide unprecedented results. Simultaneously, having less electricity consumption than the SHA 256 algorithm or any other on the market.

ICM™ Algorithm

0.05 BTC/ Day

Free Trial & Upgrades

Thanks to our Rewards feature, get a plethora of free upgrades. This includes a full 1-year contract, a 7-day free trial, and more—all that without asking for your credit card. 

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Military class security

EAS 256 Bits is built-in with ICM™ Wallet. AES has been approved by the US Government and is now used worldwide. This algorithm is the most secure to date. For the first time it is available in a bitcoin wallet with ICM™ Wallet.

aes 256 encryption

Built-In Withdrawals Feature

Withdraw your money smoothly and directly through your ICM™ app. No need to use third-party services anymore. No identity verification. You receive your money in 2 clicks. In addition we provide documents to justify your income.

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Western Union

Prepaid Card


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Debit Card

The most advanced mining All-In-One Bitcoin Cloud Mining platform on the market.

The ICM App is the first cloud mining and cryptocurrency platform. With it you can mine effectively crypto's, control everything in few clicks—transfer funds to the most secure wallet on the market. The mining menu lets you automate your application, manage your settings and transfer cryptos to your ICM Wallet.

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InstantCloudMining Application Mining Tab

Manage Allocation In 2 Clicks

Choose the percentage of your computing power to rent to your cryptocurrency. You can also change the mining algorithm between ICM 2.0 and ICM ULTRA, a boosted version of the first one. You can use our artificial intelligence with one click in the automation menu. This allows you to automatically allocate your computing power in order to obtain optimal performance.

how to allocate mining hash rate

Complete Balance

Benefit from the compatibility of 2 of the best cryptocurrencies  in the world. Whether for the Bitcoin or the Ethereum.  Once your crypto is mined they will be directly available for transfer to your wallet.

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Brief Look At Your Hashrate

You can directly see how much computing power you have available. You can also upgrade your hash rate directly by clicking upgrade. The hashrate constitutes the computing power which allows coupled with the overpowered algorithm makes it possible to obtain mining revenues. Each ICM Contract contains a specific number to ensure a stable income.

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Simple Automation

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Automate your wallet, so you no longer have to log in. Results? You can enjoy your vacation or your family without having to pick up your phone.

And much more...

The most secure Built-In Bitcoin & Ethereum Wallet at date

With ICM Wallet, you can use it as a usual wallet and store your mining revenue without worrying about security issues. We also added a complete in-house withdrawal process. You can sell your crypto thanks to our own API and get immediate cash to withdraw to up to 6 payment methods. And all this for free. You can get your wallet through Rewards.

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Our Bitcoin Cloud Mining Software Wallet Tab

Fully fledged Wallet

You can like in a classic wallet; Send, Request, Sell, Buy Crypto. Everything you need with a military class security. You can also send crypto or cash payments to another ICM user through their email (without fee and processing time). You can simply automate your wallet using the Automation menu in the Mining tab. 

Send, request and sell crypto on your Wallet.

Quick Withdrawals

Thanks to our integrated withdrawals functionality you will no longer have to transfer your funds to a third party service. Therefore risking your funds or paying huge fees. Simultaneously, adding the fact that there is no identity verification to be done or verification deadlines. Then you can withdraw your funds in more than 6 methods with just a few clicks.

How to withdraw your funds with our Bitcoin Cloud Mining Software

AES Encryption

Benefit from a compatibility of 2 of the best cryptocurrencies  in the  world. Whether for the Bitcoin or the Ethereum.  

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Wallet Protection

Thanks to this additional option, your funds will be insured and all your payments (to certain website only) will be protected. 

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And much more...

Get a free Bitcoin Mining Contract and a number of features for free. No credit card required. 100% Freely.

Are you hesitating or can't afford to pay yourself a contract? Thanks to our efficient algorithm which requires little cost to make it run . We are able to offer a complete free trial and even a full contract for free. Yes you heard it, for free. No credit card is required. Every month you will have new rewards for new levels. What are you waiting for then? Try ICM App now. 

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Complete daily tasks and get loads of free rewards. Do you have no money or do you not want to spend it to buy a contract? So redeem your time for free rewards.

Try our Bitcoin Cloud Mining for free.

Affiliate Program

Get paid contracts for free by inviting buyers. Use your unique link. If anyone buys a contract through your link you get rewarded.

And much more...

What you will get
Wallet Feature
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Free Mining

Wallet with Withdrawal Feature

Account Protection & Encryption

And even more...
Start Mining now for Free

Get started with a free trial now! All-In-One Cloud mining platform with a built-in withdrawal feature. What are you waiting for?