About Us

Our mission is to provide the best online mining platform on the market.


We are a regulated multi-functional mining platform established in 2017 and now serving over 30 thousand customers worldwide.


ICM is one of the first platforms to access All In One Online Mining by providing customers a simple and yet efficient online application. We do our best to establish and maintain strong relationships with dozens of reputable banks in major markets.


We know that mobility is important, so we have worked on the ability to use the Web App on all your devices.

About Us


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Our Values

Customer Focused

At InstantCloudMining.com, we put our customers at the core of our business. We are passionate about creating services that can provide customers with a wealth of experience to achieve their goals. Are we looking for innovation? of course. Before all efforts, we ask our team to start with three simple questions: Do I understand the needs of customers? Do I want to minimize customer effort? How does this increase customer value? If they are ready to answer, then go ahead!



We believe that by motivating our team and trusting them, we have created opportunities for InstantCloudMining.com. We prefer a free way of thinking, rather than detailed instructions, so as not to cause trouble. The only golden rule we set is to be responsible for the actions we take, the behaviors we show, and the decisions we make.

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Through mutual respect, listening and listening to each other's support, we adhere to the basic principles of interpersonal relationships. We value teamwork rather than personal ambition. This is the only way to success. What are we doing? We are building an excellent team that is willing to cooperate.


Profitability Centered

When our personal and team achievements are aligned with company goals, they make sense. We get inspiration from what we do and the people who serve it. Moreover, we are passionate about creating the best results for our customers.





ICM Is registered in the UK

It is at this time that our company becomes approved by the English government. Thanks to this we can serve our English clients legally.

10K Customers Cap Reached

After 2 years of hard work we reach 10 thousand customers worldwide. It was long but the results are present.

Huge update planned

After 4 years of service we are still present and we do our best to satisfy our customer. There is so much more for 2021.